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Die Thailändische Straßenverkehrsordnung?!
Ja,! man glaubt es nicht wenn man die Zustände kennt, aber es gibt tatsächlich eine Offizielle StVO im Land of Smile.
Die Auslegung ist natürlich, wie so vieles hier, mehr eine Richtlinie…


Abschnitt 6 (Bußgeld 500 Baht)

[Fahrzeuge zum Einsatz im Straßenverkehr müssen entsprechend den Vorschriften in einem einwandfreien Zustand sein, damit sie keinem Verkehrsteilnehmer schaden oder andere gefährden.]

2015-01-08 15.41.16

Abschnitt 7 (Bußgeld 1000 Baht)

[Automobile und Motorräder müssen für den Einsatz im Straßenverkehr zugelassen sein und Nummernschilder besitzen.]


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A tour to Thailand-the land of many attractions

When on a tour to Thailand you must not miss its attractions. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it is here where all the action lies. A trip to Bangkok is must during a holiday here as without visiting Bangkok no holiday in Bangkok is considered complete. This is the region where you can find the perfect amalgamation of old and new. The Grand Palace is a popular attraction of Thailand which plays host to the Buddha Temple. The Grand Palace lies on the banks of the beautiful river of Chao Phraya that runs through the city centre. You can enjoy a boat ride down the river in order to see the many beautiful sights around. There are many more attractions in Bangkok to explore.

The thirteenth century town of Sukhothai is a great instance of organized city planning complete with beautiful lakes and statues of Buddha all around. The temple town of Ayutthaya which is 300 years old is known for its exquisite temples whose architecture is inspired by both Hindu and Buddhist forms. A tour to Thailand is not complete without a visit to the city of Pattaya which is well-known for its activities like snorkeling, water sports, paragliding, etc. Also Pattaya is known for its rocking nightlife with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants and so on.

Packages Thailand give you the wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of Thailand-its tranquil beaches, exotic islands, rich flora and fauna, heritage sites and a pulsating night life. All these attractions are sure to give you a spell-binding experience. A package for Thailand includes a tour through the beautiful cities of Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. Some Thailand packages also include a visit to well-known tourist attractions like the Grand Palace, the Rewai beach, the famous Patong beach, the crocodile farm, the Bangkok National museum and water park in Pattaya.

Thailand is the perfect place where the confluence of tradition and modernity is most apparent. The people of Thailand are very warm, welcoming and take care of tourists very well.  Book yourself a package for Thailand if you wish to experience the beauty and tranquility of this land. A package for Thailand also includes accommodation in some of the best hotels which includes luxury and budget ones. If you wish to indulge in adventure sports you can avail Thailand packages which include enthralling sporting activities.

To conclude, no matter what might be your preferences, a tour to Thailand will not disappoint any tourist.

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Farang im Isaan

Farang im Isaan…


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